The Great Adventure (book)

The Great Adventure (book)

The Challenge of Really Following Jesus

Following Jesus is not meant to be dull or monotonous, however, this is often the experience of many Christians today. What has gone wrong? With humour and honesty, Ken Symington points the way to a deeper intimacy with Jesus and to the adventure of discipleship!

Jesus' enemies called Him many things but 'dull' was not one of them. Following Jesus is not meant to be unexciting or monotonous. However, this is often the experience of many disciples today. What has gone wrong? How can we reclaim the life we see lived out in the New Testament, yet so often seems out of reach? In his trademark style of humor and revealing honesty, Ken Symington guides us on a path to deeper intimacy with the Master. He challenges readers to pursue Jesus in a way few have ever thought possible. If you're ready to live like never before, then this book is the best place to start.

"If you are feeling left out, misunderstood, isolated or have questions about God's ability to release the fullness of His life into your life, then this book is for you. Ken speaks from his heart, gives vivid illustrations, and answers some of the most pressing questions that many of us wrestle with, or silently ask. Be prepared! The Great Adventure has the ability to change your life!" - Rev.Dr. Alistair Petrie, author and Executive Director, Partnership Ministries, Canada. 

"If you want to live an ordinary Christian life then this book isn't for you. But if you want to go on a great adventure and lead an extraordinary life in the power of the Holy Spirit, this book by Ken Symington is a must!" - Jeff Wright, Lead Pastor, Green Pastures - The People's Church, Northern Ireland. 

Ken Symington has also taught on this topic and the audio recordings are available here.
KEN SYMINGTON is a passionate and humorous speaker who is known for sharing deeply impacting stories from his own life. Ken founded Christian Restoration in Ireland, a ministry involved in prayer ministry, teaching and discipleship training. He has been an associate teacher with Ellel Ministries since 1997. His warm story-telling style of teaching encourages and inspires every believer to trust and obey the Word of God in every season of life. His first book, Loved Like Never Before, has had a profound effect on many lives. Ken has been married to Linda for more than thirty years, and they have three sons, one daughter and four grandchildren.

Title The Great Adventure (book)
Teachers/Authors Ken Symington
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780987560841