Winning the Battle Within

Winning the Battle Within

Realisitic Steps to Overcoming Sexual Strongholds

If you had the chance to overcome sexual strongholds and be free from the past without public embarrassment, would you take it?

It's a lonely battle for those who struggle with lust and sexual abuse. Sexual addiction and shame can last a lifetime, damaging relationships with other people and with God. The same is true for the scars of sexual abuse. Is there a way to actually resolve inner conflicts and be free from the offenses of the past?

Winning the Battle Within offers you that opportunity. Whether you work through this on your own or with a group and learn together, you will be able to break free. Designed so there's no need to expose embarrassing details of your struggle, this book offers:

  • An overview of God's plan for sexuality and the Bible's standard for sexual behaviour
  • Insights into how people become trapped in sexual bondage
  • Study questions that focus on the material and don't ask for intimate facts
  • Encouragement about your identity and position in Christ ... the only One who can set you free
  • Helpful teaching on how to win the battle for your mind

As Christians grasp what the Bible says about who they really are - God's loved children and new creations in His Son - they will be able to enjoy and value His marvelous design for their emotions and bodies...

Contains the Steps to Freedom in Christ. This is the newly updated and expanded version of Finding Freedom in a Sex-Obsessed World.
DR. NEIL T ANDERSON, founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, is the author of over 60 books. He has spent over 20 years equipping the church to establish believers free in Christ.

Title Winning the Battle Within
Teachers/Authors Neil T Anderson
Product Type Book
ISBN 9780736924221